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by Adrian Branzan, Samuele Matteuzzi, Elina Boeva, Katarina Mihelic, Ada Gabor

The category for Best Independent Student Film of AAIFF is a special one as it provides a creative space for learning, growing as an artist, and a unique peek into the minds of the next generation of filmmakers and talents. This category includes student films which portray different realities, young people’s struggles in their personal lives as well as the overall journey of young people finding themselves and finding their place in the world. Graduations, first jobs, first kisses, first break ups, uncertainty, chaos, friendship — all these things encompass so much, and what better way to frame it then the movie screen?

This category reflects the perspectives of young filmmakers today, and we think their honesty, transparency and generosity ought to be recognized and celebrated.


DETIK DUA (2022) – Dir. Irdina Damia

A relationship between a mother and her daughter, Aish, is tested when Aish allows herself to be subjected and influenced by her boyfriend’s dangerous behavior.

THE MISFIT (2022) – Dir. Julian Maiz

Tells the story of a closeted gay student attending an all-boys high school. He feels as if he does not fit in among his classmates and worries about how his friends would react if they were to find out about his sexuality.

WURI (2022) – Dir. Stan Park

The father of a new Korean immigrant family, Chul-Kwang tries his best to find a job to support his family and financially maintain their new life in the States. However, despite their high expectations and hopes, deeply rooted racism and prejudice unexpectedly hold him back.

Stan Park in the Q&A states: “This film is about a Korean immigrant family who moves to America hoping to live the “American dream”, but, actually, they face racism that causes them problems.”

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