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by Adrian Branzan, Samuele Matteuzzi, Elina Boeva, Katarina Mihelic, Ada Gabor

AAIFF’s Student Corner, also known as the Filipino Student’s Special Category is always filled with excitement and color as it puts a spotlight on young voices in cinema. Characterized by hope, energy and, most of all, innovation, this category shows a glimpse of the future of cinema. All the participants under this category stand out with their boldness and their unique storytelling choices, each film being very different from the other.

We did, however, find a common denominator between them all: COURAGE.


KAHILWASAN (SAFETY) 2019- Dir. Stephanie Metcalf

Cora, a lively and curious young girl, is taken by Esther, her terrified mother, to hide in a cave in order to escape an imminent war. But, as Cora will come to realize, not all wars are external.

WE WERE NEVER REALLY STRANGERS (2022)- Dir. Patrick Pangan


On their way of seeking familiarity, two strangers find themselves in a casual encounter that steers their fate into eventually becoming a pursuit of certainty.

DYING ON BORROWED TIME (2022)- Dir. Sean Tongco


Two immortal enemies reminisce their long and violent history over drinks, to finally settle things once and for all.