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by Adrian Branzan, Samuele Matteuzzi, Elina Boeva, Katarina Mihelic, Ada Gabor

Looking forward to the 4th edition of the All Asian Independent Film Festival in November 2023, we want to take note of all the incredible films which we had the pleasure of screening during this years edition.

Today we will look at the Experimental film category.

The Independent Experimental category for AAIFF is one which never ceases to amaze us. Filled with outside the box thinking and unique approaches as they seek to execute their vision, the directors in this category continue to break tradition and bring something new and fresh to the screen.


6480 DAYS (2022) – Dir. Ran Slavin

In the new short film by Ran Slavin “6480 Days” a dystopian reality is examined from the perspective of a future time that crashes into the present moment as a reflection of space infected with a deadly virus.

The director of 6480 days, Ran Slavin, talked about the inspiration behind his experimental film — “Well, you know, in all my projects, I look for magical moments that are out of the ordinary; that have an impact beyond words, beyond storytelling of what you can do with words and sentences. I look for some kind of an atmosphere which conveys a certain feeling that is hard to explain in words, almost like a frequency or storytelling through vibes and sounds.”

VOYAGER/TAL (2022) – Dir. Daniel Alexander & Alexander Belton

Mask, Escape, Liberation”- one of the many meanings the term TAL holds, specifically in the Korean language. Through the movement of dance, the elements of nature: land, air, water, are poetically expressed and journeys through by intersecting in different cultures and emotions.

ANNA BONA (2022) – Dir. Ivan Zhang

Breathing in and out, life drives the wheel of our existence, nothing but loneliness is your most faithful mate. A black and white film that makes you dive into your own thoughts.