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In 2020, after overcoming significant hurdles brought on by the strenuous global situation, we hosted the very first (virtual) edition of the All Asian Independent Film Festival. In 2021, still restricted by the covid situation, we continued with our virtual edition of AAIFF, and in 2022 finally, we were able to host our first mixed version of the festival, both on site (at the Power Plan Cinema in Manila, Philippines) and online, through live stream.

36 movies – 12 Asian countries

9 winners

25 movies – 10 Asian countries

8 winners

38 movies – 14 Asian countries

10 winners

AAIFF strives to be a supporter of innovation, creativity, independence and discovery in the world of Asian cinema. 

We give our sincere thanks to all the extraordinarily talented artists who have submitted to AAIFF. Whether you were selected or not, we appreciate every single one of you. We wish you luck as you continue to push the boundaries of creativity, to shatter the existing limits of the independent film industry, and to create incredible masterpieces.