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AAIFF Thanks The Power Plant Cinema For Its Collaboration

Power Plant Cinema is the magical place that hosted the third version of the All Asian Independent Film Festival (AAIFF) which was held in Manila, Philippines between the 16th and 20th of November 2022.

For five days, many exceptional independent filmmakers from all across Asia met with audiences. Film screenings were followed by Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, allowing them to share their experiences with fellow film enthusiasts. This delightful time was had thanks to our kind hosts in Power Plant Cinema, who enthusiastically support filmmakers by providing a space for their films to be shown and a stage for their voices to be heard.

Placed on the top floor of Power Plant Mall, the Power Plant Cinema not only acts as a cinema hall where you can watch the latest blockbusters, but also as an event-hosting company for ceremonies and festivals. Just in the latest edition of AAIFF alone, 38 independent films from 14 Asian countries were screened in the Power Plant Cinema rooms in 5 days.

Although watching movies from our homes is convenient, cinema rooms offer an intense viewing session through visual and sound systems that are designed to provide the most immersive experience. Thanks to Power Plant Cinema having excellent Dolby Atmos sound systems, film lovers from Makati in Manila, were able to have this immersive experience together with us.

The third edition of AAIFF wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of all the staff from the Power Plant cinema!

We want to do a special mention to the Manager Joel Caspe, who is a perfect example of what an ideal event manager is and for how accommodating he is. The whole staff along with our own crew helped create a warm environment where festival attendees were able to have a good time interacting with each other.

We strongly recommend film lovers to check the Power Plant Cinema website regularly for exciting events and for anyone looking for a venue for their event to partner with Joel and his amazing staff.

Don’t miss the fourth edition of The All Asian Independent Film Festival on the month of September! Check out our website and The Power Plant Cinema for more information.

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